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Strainer solutions
The straining of mixtures is of great significance
in the technical rubber goods industry and is
something of a hot topic. Material is pressed
through a very fine-meshed sieve during the
straining process in order to filter out agglom-
erates and other impurities. In addition to the
sieve package, support plates and perforated
plates represent significant users of pressure.
The HF Mixing Group uses the know-how
gained frommany years of experience in process
design to carry out the straining process with
very little shift in temperature.
More features:
single-screw discharge extruders
Twin-screw discharge extruders with
pressure build-up capability
Gear pumps for special compounds
The single-screw discharge extruder is a ma-
chine with very flexible applications for the tech-
nical rubber goods industry. It can be used to
generate granules as well as sheets and strips
depending on the head technology. Straining
is also possible in this mixer line. Reliable and
constant intake of the compound into the screw
channel is guaranteed by a twin rotary pusher
system. This also minimises pressure variations
at the extruder head. If operated downstream of
a discharge mill, the compound intake can also
be effected using feeding rolls.
More features:
Unique twin rotary pusher system for
safe material intake
Customised, individually designed screw
shape with optimal temperature control
Inline strainer option
Compact design with water-cooled AC
drive system
Easy filter and tool change with twin
head technology
Single-screw discharge extruder
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