HF MIXING GROUP - Brochure technical rubber goods - page 19

oil injection controller
Recipes with large quantities of softeners pose
a challenge in the technical rubber goods in-
dustry. If the softener is added to the mixing
chamber together with the filler, sacrifices have
to be made to quality. If it is added too late after
the filler has been mixed in, on the other hand,
then the mixer can ‘flood’. The momentum-de-
pendent softener injection controller module
makes it possible to eliminate these problems.
Softeners can therefore be mixed in effectively
with the best possible quality.
More features:
Automatic selection of the correct
amount of oil to be injected
Freely adjustable procedure parameters
such as switch-on and switch-off points
for the pumps
Option to combine ram position and
temperature controllers in one mixing
Reliable prevention of kneader flooding,
allowing a and therefore a long mixing time
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