Farrel Pomini at the NPE Show 2015

March 23rd to 27th, 2015, Orlando / Florida USA

FARREL POMINI exhibited at NPE 2015, the International Plastics Showcase.  The exhibition took place from Monday, March 23 through Friday, March 27 in Orlando, Florida USA.  NPE 2015 attracted 2,029 exhibitors with registered attendance of 65,810, 19% greater than NPE 2012.  The registrants came from over 23,000 unique companies, 22% greater than in 2012. 
International participation also set a new record.  Nearly 44% of exhibiting companies and 26% of registrants came from outside the United States with nearly 5,000 registrants from Latin America alone.  In all, 37 countries were represented including many Mid-East and Pacific Rim companies.

FARREL POMINI’s exhibition theme was, “What’s New at FARREL POMINI”.  There are a number of recent developments that FARREL POMINI was excited to share with customers. 

On exhibit was a CP1000, the mid-sized processor of the CP Series II™ Compact Processor line of equipment.  The CP1000 contained new features, available on new machines and for retrofits:
• The patent-pending Self Aligning Seal (SAS) offers faster installation, improved powder seal performance and longer seal life than standard seals
• The Synergy Control System, a complete automation and control system that seamlessly integrates upstream and downstream equipment across a variety of suppliers standardizing processing lines while increasing operational agility and equipment safety.  Synergy provides real-time data for mid-process adjustments to enhance productivity and product quality and can be monitored for remote troubleshooting leading to optimized productivity
• New design Vent Assembly, improving vent performance and minimizing vent discharge, giving improved product quality and reducing waste

Also on exhibit were the latest technology CPXL Rotors.  FARREL POMINI has extended the rotor technology for Continuous Mixing processors allowing FARREL POMINI to support existing POMINI LCM customers and add LCM based rotor technology to the options available to all FARREL POMINI customers.  The CPXL Compact Processor has an increased mixing section from 6:1 L/D to a nominal 10:1 L/D and the 2-Stage LCM Technology Rotors. 

In addition to new technology features, FARREL POMINI was happy to share information about their new facility currently under construction within five miles of the existing location in Ansonia, Connecticut USA.  The new custom designed facility will serve as corporate headquarters and house Administration, Operations and Research & Development.  FARREL POMINI expects to be relocated at the end of 2015 with a grand opening celebration in early 2016. 

FARREL POMINI’s driving force is EFFICIENCY.  The efficiency elements of their equipment include energy efficiency, processing efficiency and maintenance efficiency differentiating FARREL POMINI in the marketplace.