Pomini at Legnano Night Run

September 11th, 2015 in Legnano / Italy

The Legnano Night Run takes place in Italy every year and sees thousands of participants from all over the country getting involved.  In July this year, Business Unit Director Otto Huth thought it would be a good idea for HF Mixing Group to get involved which led to18 runners joining the HFMG team.

On the 11th of September, our team were awaiting the starter’s pistol, ready to give their all and set some personal bests! Luckily, each team member had customized t-shirts which included the company Logo and their own names, so they were easy to find amongst the swarm of runners.
It was clear from the sheer numbers of participants and spectators that converged on the meeting point of San Magno square that people had made an enormous amount of effort.

The race started at nine-thirty pm in the evening and the weather was extremely pleasant; expectant of a mid-September evening. The group of 3000 runners were eager to start their 7.5 km challenge through the streets of Legnano.

Approximately 24 minutes after the race started, the winner crossed the finish line followed by thousands of runners.
The “Winner” with the fastest time from HFMG was Maurizio Franchi (final time 29:09!) but most importantly, everybody finished the race and every participant was happy with their own result.

After the run the team relaxed and enjoyed the rest of their time in San Magno square. The experience combined healthy competition with a fantastic team building experience.