The Robin Hood of Waters

HF drinks “57wasser”

Supporting regional projects by drinking water. That’s the idea of 57wasser (57waters).

The project “57wasser“ was founded in 2012 on World Children Day. 57% of the profit generated through the sales of this mineral water are donated to projects that anyone can suggest. So not only are you helping those in need just by buying the mineral water, you are in fact able to have a say in where the donations from the sales end up.

This sustainable concept aligns itself very well with the HF MIXING GROUP because sustainability is deeply anchored in our values. Also, when regional projects such as “57wasser” are nurtured and supported by an international business such as HF MIXING GROUP, they can be communicated beyond the borders of the Siegerland region and the good word can be spread.  For this very reason we have served all HF visitors since November 2015 with “57wasser“, we also offer it in the staff canteen.

If you want to learn more about “57wasser“, click here: http://57wasser.com