New bed-type milling machine commissioned
Farrel, Rochdale, Great Britain
Preparations for the latest member to join the machinery
at Farrel Ltd. in Rochdale took quite some time, but the
moment eventually came in October: the new Correa 7 M,
a milling machine with a travelling column, manufactured
by the Spanish company Correanayak, finally entered
service. In the months leading up to that point, the
foundations were prepared for the newcomer: to this
end, a two-and-a-half-metre-deep hole was dug, during
which an interesting artefact was unearthed: the team
found the remnants of an old brick chimney which had
evidently once stood here. The concrete and steel
foundations were then cast and the machine was mount‑
ed on them once they had set.
Those responsible for choosing a new machine espe-
cially focused on the functionality and the component
geometry, but they also paid close attention to health
and safety aspects. It is the first bed-type milling machine
of its kind at Farrel Ltd. to feature two workspaces,
guaranteeing completely safe operation according to
the manufacturer from the northern Spanish city of Bur-
gos. The machine was transported from Spain to Wales
on two large trucks and a team set to work on assem-
bling it as soon as it was unloaded. The bed of the
milling machine was in the correct position after just
two days and the mortar could then be applied. Once
the bed had been assembled, the travelling column
was immediately installed. John Saxon from the ma-
chinery department and engineer Jonathan Gudgeon
spent a week in Spain beforehand to acquaint them-
selves with the finer details of operating the machine. In
future, it will be just as possible to drill, groove and mill
as it will be to turn profiles. From a technical perspective,
it is a bed-type milling machine with a rotary table – the
travelling column is seven metres long, 1.25 metres
deep and two metres high. One special feature of the
machine is its universal milling head which can move in
five directions. The universal milling head is capable of
4,000 revolutions per minute with an output of up to 24 kW.
The machine has two workspaces, a rotary table and a
tailstock. The coolant is added at a pressure of up to 32 bar
and 40 milling and drilling bits are changed automati‑
The machine was commissioned in September and
began production in October. It replaces the old Mandelli
machine and will relieve the burden on the existing
Butler. The colleagues in Rochdale cannot wait to see
all the things the newcomer can do and will use it to try
out some new applications!
Workout after work:
Employees’ fitness studio opens
Harburg-Freudenberger, Freudenberg, Germany
An increasing number of firms are taking an interest in
preventive health care measures for their employees
and setting up company sports programmes. Fully in
keepingwith this trend, Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinen‑
bau GmbH has now opened ‘STARK by HF MIXING
GROUP’ in Freudenberg, a modern fitness studio for its
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The new ‘all-rounder’ in Rochdale: the Correa 7 M milling machine.
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