HF AUTOMATION DAYS 2018 – Automation Solutions and Services for the Smart Mixing Room

From April 18th to 19th the two-day conference “HF Automation Days 2018” took place at HF MIXING GROUP’s Technical Center and the Technikmuseum Freudenberg in Germany. About 75 customers from the polymer processing industries around the globe came to learn more about the latest automation solutions and services for smart mixing rooms. Among the participants were representatives of all worldwide leading tyre and technical rubber manufacturers.

Various presentations were followed by a visit to the In-house-exhibition where participants were offered the possibility to see live-demos and had the opportunity to get detailed information about mixing room automation solutions. The HF Mixing Group provides complete and sustainable mixing room solutions and supports customers to optimize the processes of their mixer lines.

The conference was opened by Hans Martin Monyer, Head of HF Mixing Group Automation products. „For us, this event was very important, because we wished for a dialogue with our customers. On the one hand we dealt with the presentation of the latest Industry 4.0 automation and IT technologies and their application in the mixing room, and on the other hand with the consideration of our customers, how these new technological possibilities can contribute to optimizing the value chain in their companies. In this way, we would like to sincerely thank our customers once again for the very positive, but also constructive discussions and the feedback assessment forms which were completed with great care and attention.” said Hans Martin Monyer. We started with a presentation about the mixing room automation roadmap for Industry 4.0, introducing the aims, benefits and challenges and showing the specific requirements of Industry 4.0 for polymer mixing and the implementation of such into the mixing room.

During the two-day conference the attendees got information about a wide range of subjects including high quality industrial software development as well as smart solutions for the mixing room.

After the presentations the participants had the further opportunity to visit the In-house-exhibition at HF Mixing Group’s state-of-the-art Technical Center whereby they could get an idea of the HF mixing room automation solutions and the brand-new ADVISE® 4.0. There were live demonstrations and stands where the visitors had one-on-one talks with HF specialists. Additionally the participants could discuss about professional project management plans including issues like costs and time efficiency.

One main subject for all participants was the ADVISE® 4.0 system of the HF MIXING GROUP. With its ADVISE® system the HF provides a modular, scalable system for automating mixing rooms. All areas of the mixing room are included, starting with the inventory management of raw materials in the warehouse, going to the manual weighing of small chemicals, the fully automated weighing of bulk material, the control of the mixing process, downstream equipment such as open mills and single- or twin-screw discharge extruder, and all the way to the compound storage room. Depending on requirements, individual applications can be selected and combined to create a comprehensive automation solution. 

At the end of day one and after a lot of input about Industry 4.0, automation and smart production the participants together with the HF specialists “went back to our historical roots” – machines running without any automation and a and a blacksmith running his hammer in the impressive Technikmuseum in Freudenberg, all delegates enjoyed the great weather, refreshments, music and had the possibility to continue their discussions.

For further impressions see the HF Automation Days-movie and photos here: