HF signs the “Luxembourg Declaration“

Passion for health

Healthy, motivated and knowledgeable members of staff are of most importance to us. It’s for this reason that we are fully committed to preventing illness, strengthening existing health and improving general wellbeing of our employees in the workplace.
At HF we demonstrate this ethos in many different ways. For example, we offer a financial contribution should a member of staff wish to purchase an “E-bike”, as well as counseling (of which is carried out by an external consultancy). But by far the most recent and exciting addition to the workplace is our company-owned fitness center called “STARK” (“stark” is the German equivalent to the English word “strong”).
By signing the “Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion in the European Union“, we appreciate that promoting health in the workplace is an investment into the future and that we want to continue in going this way.

Other information on the  “Luxembourg Declaration“ can be found here:  http://www.luxemburger-deklaration.de/