role in recent years,’ reports Jenne. ‘The degree of auto-
mation has risen massively and with it the amount of
electronics and software.’ Accordingly, the service em-
ployees also have to be trained in this area so that they
can carry out tasks such as remote maintenance of ma-
chinery and perform upgrades or updates – especially
on hydraulic control systems or control software for
One service being requested more and more by custom-
ers is advice relating to optimising the mixing room. ‘Min-
imising operating costs and improving energy efficiency
are issues that are occupying the manufacturers to an
ever greater extent,’ says Jenne. ‘If necessary, our service
teams advise customers on how existing systems can
be modernised and optimised or tell them when it may
be worth replacing their equipment with new and more
efficient technology.’
The Equipment Life Cycle Indicator
To avoid unplanned downtimes and identify the necessary
replacement of worn components or entire machines in
good time, the HF MIXING GROUP has developed the
Equipment Life Cycle Indicator, or ELCI for short. This is
a recording, evaluation and documentation system for
the maintenance and service history of a machine, which
the HF MIXING GROUP service team offers as part of
corresponding maintenance agreements. By recording,
evaluating and documenting everything, the wear behav‑
iour of the machine can be tracked, making it possible to
calculate in advance the remaining life of working parts
– the so-called core components – on the internal mixer
in particular. This gives customers much greater certainty
when planning the next scheduled maintenance session,
replacing parts or carrying out a general overhaul, but
also in terms of being able to plan the corresponding
investment budget and time needed at an early stage.
The HF MIXING GROUP service team consists of a total
of 35 to 40 technicians based in Freudenberg, Rochdale,
Castellanza, Ansonia and Topeka, plus ten to 15 em-
ployees at the HF MIXING GROUP’s own service bases.
It is made up of engineers, mechanics, welders, mecha‑
tronics technicians, electronics engineers and hydraulics
and software specialists. There are also employees from
local external service partners. Reinhard Jenne sums up
the service team’s motto and customer promise as fol-
lows: ‘Whatever happens, whenever you call, wherever
you are – you can count on us.’
Servicing machines on-site often calls for improvisation skills. The HF technicians are well prepared for that.
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