HF NaJUS: a reliable
member of the big family
The production site in Slovakia is a real asset to the entire
group and has potential for the future.
It is the latest addition to the HF MIXING GROUP family:
HF NaJUS. The Slovakian company with its 300 em-
ployees joined the group of companies on 8 November
2012. The youngest member specialises in the produc-
tion of components and special machinery. One particular
focus of its activities for the group of companies also
lies in this area.
The newcomer HF NaJUS may appear to play a subor-
dinate role at first glance – with annual turnover of
around 15 million euros, the Slovakian company previ-
ously owned by Rona, one of the leading companies in
the glass industry, would appear to take a back seat.
However, importance cannot be measured by means
of the balance sheet alone: the new Slovakian site is
primarily significant for the high number of manufactur-
| MIXING members
HF NaJUS is solely a production site.
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