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International sales training in Freudenberg
June 2013, Freudenberg, Germany
Several teams made up of sales employees and direct-
ors from all business units in the HF MIXING GROUP
took part in a sales training course with an international
feel at the Freudenberger technical centre in June. During
the training days, which were held in various groups
from 17 till 21 and from 27 till 28 June, the participants
addressed different items on the agenda: besides a
one-day special technical update session, with talks
given by HF MIXING GROUP specialists on various ma-
chines and new products, they also received training
from Stephan Heinrich, a professional in the area of
sales and marketing. After all the theory had been
taught, the international participants weren’t about to
be short-changed on the practical side of things: besides
their sporting talent, they were also able to demonstrate
their courage, skill and team spirit during an active train-
ing session on a high ropes adventure course. The sales
teams eventually came out of the treetops again and
returned to terra firma in time for the closing barbecue
Trainees get into climbing
30 August 2013, Freudenberg, Germany
Climbing bolsters team spirit, strengthens the muscles,
improves coordination and is one thing above all else:
a lot of fun. Under the leadership of Ursula Klein and
Michael Hoffman, the trainees in Freudenberg were able
to see this for themselves on 30 August when they got
together as a team to visit the Freudenberg high ropes
adventure course, which is located directly above the
training facilities. Once all 20 trainees had arrived, things
got underway with a few games to give them an oppor-
tunity to get to know other team members and training
colleagues a little better before taking to the high ropes.
After that it was time for them to scale the lofty heights
of the course, where some tricky challenges awaited
the participants: ‘I was especially impressed by how
some people worked as a team in order to bring them-
selves to do things which they previously claimed they
would never do,’ reports trainee Sara Schneider. Anna
Hoffman adds: ‘The big highlight of the day for me was
plucking up the courage to jump from the 13-metre-
high ‘Power Fan’, which almost everyone did.’ When
they all gathered for lunch afterwards there was plenty
of opportunity to discuss everything and share their ex-
periences. ‘Looking back, it was an unforgettable day
which made it easier for all of us to approach each other
and establish a trusting relationship with our trainers,’
says Sara Schneider confidently.
Brushing up on the latest knowledge:
the international sales team.
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